19 дек. 2009 г.

Краткая история(Intro)...


Earth. 2989 AD.. huge anti-terrorist organizations are sharing the throne of order and justice. Law as a way to put fear into enemy's hearts, is no less brutal and unpredictible then terrorist's diversions. It's floating between truth and lie, risk and carelessness, and it's totaly out of control of any opposing forces. War. It makes you never forget about revenge and cruelty. War can replace your home, your family, it leaves no choice to anyone, it brings doom and madness, devouring men and turning them into nothing. That's the way it was and forever will be. It took 18 years for humanity to learn thing they never done before, now they are able to survive. But the price of their survival was starting something that has no end.. it only has a name.. S.P.H.S. Tech

SPHS (SpectralPhantoms) TECHnologies - Top secret service created to search and destroy particularly dangerous criminal groups. By efforts of scientists from all over the world the program named Phantom was created. The source of Phantom was supercomputer GenMis. The program generated other boot programs, which served as navigators to fulfill missions, and implemented in some kind of rod

The rod is installed in the connector gateway inside android's brain and downloads all the information about the mission.

Each rod exists as a single copy and has a unique code, which is suited to only one specific connector in phantom's brain.

Once the mission is completed rod destroyed irretrievably. GenMis plannes missions based on detailed information of various sources, as well as information obtained by hacking network and downloadable media. Phantoms can handle network viruses by analyzing their structure, thus becoming with the time more informative, and perfect.

Phantoms also have unique information sector to manage all stationary weapons and disguise.

Phantoms can only use their own weapons, no noise ....... no mission failures..... no chance of the enemy

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